HER MAJESTY- Queen Elizabeth II

In my previous article I showed a little bit of Queen Elizabeth’s private life. In this one I want to focus on her public life. The backstage of her coronation and reign.


Small head, big crown

King George VI died on 6st February 1952 at Sandringham House. 25-year-old Lilibeth had to control the task of ruling the United Kingdom. However, she was crowned queen 16 months later in the shadow of another death. Princess Mary, grandmother of the future queen, died on 24th March 1953 but the coronation went as planned, because of the princess previous request.

The clatter of horses hooves, the clash of uniforms, the carnival of exotic costumes, foreign potentates and marching soldiers. That is what made people waiting for the queen even more excited. It was the first happy and huge celebration since Second World War. When she left the Buckingham Palace on June 2nd and took the coach to take her to Westminster, one of her bridesmaids asked her how she was feeling. Wonderful – the queen replied – I was just talking on the phone with my trainer. My horse is a favorite in Derby. Against Churchill’s advice, she agreed to broadcast the coronation and paint her lips blue so that they would look red on the TV screen.


At Westminster Abbey the queen pledged to rule the kingdom and the countries of the Commonwealth in accordance with their laws and customs and to strengthen the Anglican faith. The ceremony lasted 3 hours and during all this time the queen carried a 1,28kg crown.


Why not give a little elephant as a foreign present?

The beginning of reign was the period that was very abundant in travel. Back then the queen and her husband set off on a 6-month journey around the world. She was the first monarchy who did that. But the total number of her trips across the Globe is 42. In 90 years she visited 120 countries. There are rumours that from one of her journey she took back home a little elephant which she gave to the London’s zoo. The country that she really likes must be Canada. She has visited it 25 times so far.


The power of the queen

For me, her most important visit took place 8 years ago in Dublin. There the Queen made her powerful and one of the most significant  political speech. She showed that she had been THE representative of all British people. Those days she stated clearly that the bloody history couldn’t obscure the bright future (her cousin – lord Mountbatten was killed by Ira, just like dozens other people). That only strengthened her position in the world which has been getting rid of the monarchs.


A psychiatrist for an important person.

We can call Elizabeth II the queen of the stopped time. During her reign she has worked with 13 prime ministers. The queen is not the governing body of the state but every wednesday at 6:30 pm if both of them are in London, the queen and the prime minister meet in Buckingham Palace. As we can see, all her subjects, even if they  have theoretically more power than her, come for her remarks and advice. One of them, Heath described meetings with the queen as ” an exhaustive visits to a psychiatrist”.


Julia Zając


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